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Frequently Asked Questions

How to write a PhD synopsis for a PhD thesis?

Let’s talk about the PhD synopsis first. The most important thing in a PhD synopsis or you can say Research Proposal, is about the identification of your research plan for the thesis. The PhD synopsis demands answers for ‘why’ and ‘how’. Apart from summarising your research approach, you need to answer these questions.

How to write a synopsis for a research paper?

A synopsis should be constructed in a manner that facilitates the reviewer to understand the research project at a glance. It should be brief but precise. A synopsis can be structured in the following manner: title, statement of the problem and hypothesis, aims and objectives, review of literature, research methodology, and references.

What is the format for a PhD thesis?

In addition to the synopsis format for a PhD, we have outlined the styling rules you should follow: Approximately 1” margins on top, bottom, and right of page. Approximately 1.25” margin on left of page to allow space for binding. Sans serif font (for example Times New Roman).

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