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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for conversating?

What is another word for conversating? conversating. Verb. Present participle for converse. chatting. chewing the fat. chitchatting. communing. communicating.

What is another word for "engaged in conversation"?

Synonyms of engaged in conversation to communicate with by means of spoken words She managed to engage the office wallflower in conversation. Synonyms for engaged in conversation chatted (with), conversed (with), spoke (to or with), talked (to) accosted, addressed, boarded, collared, greeted, hailed, heralded informed, notified, told

What is another word for conversing?

conversing about. Verb. (about a particular subject) Present participle for to express or communicate one's opinion or ideas with a person or a group of people. discussing. debating. mooting. addressing. arguing. ventilating.

What is another word for trivial conversation?

Synonyms for trivial conversation include small talk, chat, talk, gossip, chatter, natter, gab, confab, confabulation and jaw. Find more similar words at!

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