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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Make symbols on a PC?

Steps Find the “ALT” key on your keyboard. Hold it down. Find the any number(s) key on the number pad. It will only work if you use the number pad. Hold it down along with the “ALT” key. To get the symbols, hold as follows: Hold 1& alt: ☺

How do you type symbols on a computer?

Computer Symbols. In case you need to type using a laptop, you may need to use the Function key (FN). You need to enable the Num Lock by pressing FN + Scroll Lock, and then hold the Alt key. Then, type in the number code for the particular symbol. If it is not working, you need to use FN + Alt.

What are the symbols on the computer?

The ampersand, apostrophe, quote, asterisk, and commercial at sign are computer key symbols, as are the hyphen, dollar, number sign and exclamation point.

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