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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best reforge for swords?

Best reforge for swords? Not open for further replies. Spicy, sharp, legendary, and fast are good candidates, not including the advanced reforging using stones. Spicy is still okay. Sharp is slightly better generally. Legendary is okay but outclassed by sharp. Fast is amazing for attack speed.

What are reforge stones?

Reforge Stones are required to apply advanced reforges to your items, similar to Enchantments being applied with the use of an Enchanted Book. You can apply Reforge Stones by using a Reforge Anvil or by talking to Malik, who is located in both the Hub and Dungeon Hub . Reforge Anvil All stats have been abbreviated in the below tables to save space.

What's new with the end swords?

Balancing for the Leaping, Golem, Zombie, and Aspect of the End Swords . The Telekinesis enchantment can now be applied to Swords . Added the Emerald Blade and End Stone Sword, along with various balancing changes. Added the Pooch Sword . You can no longer open a player profile while holding a Sword . Added weapon reforges.

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