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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Swedish Covenant Health Chicago?

Swedish Covenant Health provides comprehensive psychological and psychiatric services in Chicago. We are experts in assessing your mental health needs and providing individualized treatments. We offer inpatient care, crisis intervention and psychopharmacology for all age groups. Call 773-878-8200, ext.

Does Swedish Hospital have an emergency department?

- Dr. Bruce McNulty, Chief Medical Officer In 2018, Swedish Hospital completed an extensive Emergency Department renovation to improve operational efficiency, flexibility and capacity. We are now proud to offer: Parking for Emergency Department patients and visitors is located just west of the Foster Avenue Emergency Department entrance.

Why choose Swedish Hospital?

Swedish Hospital has held Initial Accreditation with the ACGME since April 8, 2019 to train emergency medicine residents in a four-year program, located in the great city of Chicago. Our mission is to train community-based, emergency medicine physician leaders with an emphasis on evidence-based medicine.

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