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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bowser from Mario a turtle or a dinosaur?

Bowser was originally conceived as a mix of an ox and a turtle. This is more obvious when looking at his earlier designs, but it can still be seen in his newer ones. The results happened to make him seem rather more draconic, but he still doesn’t really look like a dinosaur.

Who is stronger Mario or Bowser?

Bowser is tougher and stronger than Mario. Mario has more skills in his fighting styles and moves in super smash bros games. Bowser could cut him and burn him but Mario is skillful enough to beat him even without power ups. Is Mario stronger than Bowser?

What does Bowser want?

I think all Bowser wants is a hug. There's a few theories to that... One is because he likes to fight strong opponents, AKA Mario, so he kidnaps her to lead him out. Another is because he doesn't...

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