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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Super Hero Squad toys are there?

List of Super Hero Squad toys 1 Marvel Super Hero Squad Two-Packs. ... 2 Single Packs 3 Easter Egg Packs 4 Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Two-Packs. ... 5 Spider-Man Single Packs. ... 6 Hulk Super Hero Squad Two-Packs 7 Vehicles 8 Playsets. ... 9 Marvel Super Hero Squad Mega-Packs. ... 10 Boxed Sets. ... More items...

Where can I buy Marvel Superhero Squad in the USA?

Jorral NJ,USA. Hasbro Toys Superhero Squad is Marvel\'s answer to galactic heroes and there\'s a good buzz about the line. They will come in 2-packs.

What superheroes are in Toys 'R Us?

(Toys 'R Us Exclusive) - Angel (blue costume), Cyclops (black costume), Wolverine (yellow costume), Colossus (shiny), and Magneto (gold base) Avengers Face-Off! - Hulk, Iron Man (gold and red armor), Captain America, Wasp, and Thor (black armor) (Toys 'R Us Exclusive)

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