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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I monitor my SunPower® system?

YOUR SUNPOWER MONITORING SYSTEM GUIDE YOUR SUNPOWER® MONITORING SYSTEM GUIDE CONTENTS 01 How Your SunPower Solar System Works 02 Register and Sign into Your Account 04 Dashboard My System System Alerts of the system, and see how much you’ve benefitted the Now Generating Energy Over Time Solar Generated Environmental Impact 06 My Account

What is sunsunpower’s advanced monitoring?

SunPower’s advanced monitoring solution allows you to easily and flexibly track your solar system’s performance. You can see how much solar energy you are currently producing, review historical energy production, track the overall performance environment over the lifetime of your system.

What can you do with SunPower?

SUNPOWER MONITORING SYSTEM With SunPower monitoring you see how much energy your solar system is currently producing, review historical power production, track overall system performance, and see equivalent ways in which you’ve benefitted the environment over the lifetime of your system.

How do I update the information on my SunPower account?

YOUR ®YOUR SUNPOWER®MONITORING SYSTEM GUIDE MONITORING SYSTEM GUIDE MY ACCOUNT PROFILE Click the MY ACCOUNTtab and select Profile to see the registered address and to update your email, password, first name, last name, and phone number.

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