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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the Sunday Standard?

Our newest body oil, infused with plant-sourced Vitamin C from Kakadu Plum and Strawberry Seed Oil to promote smooth, glowing skin, and Horsetail Extract to strengthen and nourish the skin. The Sunday Standard is 100% owned and operated by our founder, Emma.

Where is Sunday Standard/The Telegraph?

See More ... See More See Less Sunday Standard/ The Telegraph is in Serowe, Botswana. ... See More See Less

What is the Sunday Standard's editorial policy?

While maintaining an independent Editorial Policy , Sunday Standard shall not publish articles, pictures, items or any such excerpts that will undermine the country's culture of tolerance, mutual existence and discrimination.

What does Sunday Standard say about privacy?

Sunday Standard shall respect individual's legitimate to privacy and will not do anything that entails intrusion into private grief and distress, unless it is justified by overriding considerations of public interest.

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