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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Passionists of the cross province?

The Passionists of the St. Paul of the Cross Province began their television ministry in New York in December of 1970. From the first broadcast, The Sunday Mass was enthusiastically received by the home bound and the infirm.

What is the Sunday Mass?

THE SUNDAY MASS is a nationally televised Mass broadcasting from Jamaica, NY in Queens. The mission of THE SUNDAY MASS is to share with all people God's greatest gift- the Eucharist.

What offerings are available at the Passionists?

The Passionists are offering online pre-recorded videos and livestream Masses and devotions. Please scroll down for the list of offerings available. A Reflection on Renaming Anxieties, an excerpt from Naked Spirituality, by Brian McLaren. All times are Central Standard Time.

Where can I find father Alex’s Passionist pause reflections?

Father Alex continues with his weekly Passionist Pause reflections. The videos are available on St. Paul of the Cross Passionist Retreat and Conference Center’s YouTube Channel. All times are Eastern Standard Time.

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