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Frequently Asked Questions

What is study about?

A study is a room in a house which is used for paperwork, computer work, or reading. Historically, the study of a house was reserved for use as the private office and reading room of a family father as the formal head of a household, but today studies are generally either used to operate a home business or else open to the whole family.

How to access for free?

How do I access study com for free? If you have a account–free or fee–simply log in and then visit the Free Lesson Plan link. If you don’t have an account, that’s OK. Simply go to the link, select the lesson plan you’d like, and get started.

What does studies mean?

Study is the act of learning and spending time discovering information or an academic work or investigation about a particular thing or subject area. An example of study is learning about science or the study of science. An example of study is a publication in a journal of science. An example of study is research conducted into evolution. noun 3 0

What is another word for study?

Synonyms for study include learning, research, consideration, examination, investigation, education, account, advisement, analysis and debate. Find more similar words ...

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