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Frequently Asked Questions

Is strolleria a good brand?

Well, Strolleria is a stroller retailer that offers strollers, car seats, and other baby products for your new addition. The retailer’s high-quality baby gear has garnered some media attention with features in NBC News and Forbes. They also have a budding social media following with about 5.6k followers on Instagram and 4.6k likes on Facebook.

Who is the owner of strolleria?

Strolleria is a family-owned business based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Husband and wife duo Amy and Drew Venzke opened their boutique-style stroller store after realizing the market gap in the Phoenix area. Additionally, they know that one of the biggest and challenging purchases you make for your baby is buying a stroller and car seat.

How do I contact strolleria customer service?

But, once it’s issued, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Strolleria. If you have any questions beyond this Strolleria review, you can contact their customer service team via the following channels: Strolleria’s online support team is available from Monday to Friday, 10AM to 8PM EST, and Saturday, 12PM to 8PM EST.

What forms of payment does strolleria accept?

People found Strolleria by searching for… What forms of payment are accepted? Strolleria accepts credit cards. How is Strolleria rated? Strolleria has 4.5 stars. What days are Strolleria open?

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