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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the StrengthsQuest approach?

The goal of this section is to help students begin to apply the StrengthsQuest approach to their exploration of careers. Our studies of top achievers in most careers and professions indicate that they 窶彿nvent窶・ways to apply their greatest talents and strengths as they work.

What is the StrengthsQuest Forum?

The StrengthsQuest Web site has two functions that allow for online discussion among students, forum, and community. The forum allows students throughout the world to participate in an online discussion regarding their experience with StrengthsQuest. Communities are more focused.

How do I use StrengthsQuest with my students?

Ask your students to read each of the questions and then carefully consider and write their responses to each. Alternatively, you can ask students to use the journaling function of the StrengthsQuest Web site to complete this activity.

What is StrengthsQuest at Texas Tech University?

Welcome to StrengthsQuest at Texas Tech University! StrengthsQuest is a revolutionary program from The Gallup Organization that focuses students on strengths rather than weaknesses. First Time? Start Here!

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