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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an order picker platform?

Order picker platforms are designed to withstand constant use in today’s warehouses with narrow aisle racking layouts. Available in either aluminum or steel, order picker platforms have a solid smooth top deck. Full-length fork pockets give platforms added strength and rigidity.

What is the highest capacity stock picker on the market?

It is the highest capacity stockpicker in the line, handling heavy palletized loads at heights up to 366 inches. The SP Series 4-wheel platform stock picker is a heavy-duty stand-up lift truck used in areas where loads are bulky or extra long, such as furniture or department store warehouses.

What is a SP stock picker used for?

The SP Series is a stand-up rider stock picker used in narrow aisle stockrooms and warehouses. The truck is available with two different mast styles: limited free lift, triple telescopic. The SP Series 4-wheel straddle stockpicker is suitable for narrow-aisle use.

What is the SP series order picker and how does it work?

Crown’s SP Series order picker supports a variety of operational needs while delivering speeds that ensure the fastest cycle times. Regenerative lowering, available on some SP Series order picker models, captures lost energy and returns it to the battery, equating to fewer battery changes, longer shifts and reduced costs.

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