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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to STLCC?

Every new or returning STLCC student must complete our free online Archer application. You can also download our STLCC Mobile App and complete your application using your mobile device. Before you begin, choose one of the following student types that best describes you.

Is St Louis Community College your College of choice?

Thank you for making St. Louis Community College your college of choice. At STLCC, we strive to provide you with a quality education at a price you can afford.

Is STLCC a good school?

STLCC offers stackable credentials that can help level up your career opportunities without investing a lot of time and resources. With hundreds of online courses, STLCC makes your education fit your life. With 22 to 1, we have among the best student to teacher ratios of any Missouri college, taking personalized learning to a whole new level.

How do I re-enter St Louis Community College?

Former students who have not attended St. Louis Community College for a semester may reapply as a re-entry student. If seeking a degree or certificate, transcripts of all college work not currently on file at STLCC must be sent directly to the Registrar’s office.

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