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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use "stifle" in a sentence?

to suppress or restrain something; to hold something back The children tried to stifle their laughter during class but couldn’t hold back their giggles for long. As they hid in the attic, the mother tried to stifle the baby’s cry so the Nazis wouldn't find them.

What does stifle means?

to stop; to extinguish; to deaden; to quench; as, to stifle the breath; to stifle a fire or flame. Etymology: [From Stiff.] Stifle verb. to suppress the manifestation or report of; to smother; to conceal from public knowledge; as, to stifle a story; to stifle passion. Etymology: [From Stiff.] Stifle verb

What is another word for stifle?

The synonyms of “Stifle” are: asphyxiate, suffocate, choke, dampen, muffle, repress, smother, strangle, suppress, restrain, keep back, hold back, hold in, fight back, choke back, gulp back, withhold, check, keep in check, swallow, quench, curb, silence, contain, bottle up, constrain, hinder, hamper, impede, prevent, inhibit, knee Stifle as a Noun

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