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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a status update (or status report)?

But the humble status update (or status report) is a simple communication tool that distributed teams can use to hold together even the most complex of work streams. In this article, I walk through the definition of a status report, plus five tips for writing super-useful status updates that help you and your teammates do your best work, together.

What is a status update meeting?

Status update meetings within a group involve all team members, focusing on reporting progress and aligning goals, timelines, and tasks relevant to their specific project or team.

What makes a great status update?

But a great status update aligns teams and stakeholders, builds connectedness, and solves problems. The only way we ever really know what other teams and teammates are doing is with a humble status update. You might hear one in a team meeting, or while you're making espresso, or read one on in your inbox.

Is it impolite to ask for status update?

Show activity on this post. You should ask for status update in such a way that it shouldn't sound impolite to the receiving person irrespective of whether they are a fellow employee, manager or client. This is how I usually deal with it.

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