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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good status quo line?

Status Quo Lyrics. "Whatever You Want". Whatever you want. Whatever you like. Whatever you say. You pay your money. You take your choice. Whatever you need. Whatever you use.

Who were the original members of the status quo?

The lineup consisted of Lancaster, Rossi, John Coghlan (drums) and Roy Lynes (keyboard). A year later, the band changed name once again to "The Status Quo". Rick Parfitt (guitar) joined the band. Their first hit record, "Pictures of Matchstick Men", was released.

What was the first Quo album on Vertigo?

The first release of an album on Vertigo came in 1972, "Piledriver" showed that Quo intended to play a heavy, guitar-dominated boogie-rock'n'roll. (A decision that made them one of the greatest bands ever.)

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