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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of status quo in law?

Definition of status quo : the existing state of affairs seeks to preserve the status quo : the current situation : the way things are now : the existing state of affairs specifically : the last actual and uncontested state of affairs that preceded a controversy and that is to be preserved by preliminary injunction — compare status quo ante

What is status quo bias and why does it matter?

Understanding our intuitive biases can help us make better decisions. Status quo bias is a cognitive bias that explains our preference for familiarity. Many of us tend to resist change and prefer the current state of affairs. How powerful is this cognitive bias? Consider this thought experiment from the renowned philosopher, Robert Nozick:

How do people challenge the status quo in society?

It is common for people to defend the status quo such that they resist change to a society, culture or organization. Alternatively, people may challenge the status quo by advocating or creating change.

Do people prefer the status quo?

In a series of controlled experiments, Samuelson and Zeckhauser found that people show a disproportionate preference for choices that maintain the status quo. 2 Participants were asked a variety of questions, for example, in which they had to take the role of the decision-maker in situations faced by individuals, managers, and government officials.

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