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Frequently Asked Questions

What was status quo's first live album?

Rockin' All Over the World. (1977) Live! is the first live album by British rock band Status Quo. The double album is an amalgam of performances at Glasgow's Apollo Theatre between 27 and 29 October 1976, recorded using the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio.

How many CDs are in Status Quo Live at the BBC?

Status Quo Live at the BBC is series of releases by English rock band Status Quo, issued by Universal Music on 24 October 2010. The release was available on a range of formats: 2-CD 'best of' collection, 4-CD box set and a limited edition collectors' 8-disc (7 CDs + 1 DVD) complete set.

What makes status quo so special?

A lack of overdubs – a complete lack of any dressing-up whatsoever – is what gave Status Quo their unique appeal, and what gave Live! head-shaking brilliance. The fact that it was rough as a badger’s arse mattered not then, and matters even less so now.

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