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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the first live album by status quo?

Live! (1977) Rockin' All Over the World. (1977) Live! is the first live album by British rock band Status Quo. The double album is an amalgam of performances at Glasgow 's Apollo Theatre between 27 and 29 October 1976, recorded using the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio .

How good is status quo's 'backbone'?

Some doubters said 'Backbone' was a record that could not be made, but the 2019 line-up of Status Quo has been through a lot, they have chalked up 130 shows as a unit and travelled tens of thousands of miles. This is a group of musicians that is strong, that back each other up and are tighter than ever.

Where can I find photos of quo's Just Doin' It live?

Music is taken from the 'Just Doin' It' Live - DVD - 2013. Christie was at London's Royal Albert Hall in 2015 when Quo did their first Aquostic show there. Prints of some of her wonderful shots are available to purchase at the RAH web site now.

Are quo coming back to the live circuit?

AEG Presents are delighted to announce that QUO are coming back to reclaim their position on the live circuit – with a brand new tour. The ‘Out Out Quoing’ UK & Eire Spring Tour in 2022 will visit 14 venues before the band head out into Europe. "The fans always want that little bit extra.

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