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Frequently Asked Questions

What are status quo bias and reference point bias?

Status quo bias is resistance to change. Reference point bias and anchoring bias are tendencies to value a thing in comparison to another thing rather than independently. The law of small numbers is the reliance on a too-small sample size to make a decision.

Why do we stick with the status quo?

Loss aversion also contributes to the status quo bias. Our fear of losing money is greater than our satisfaction from gaining money. Because we’d rather keep what we have rather than take a chance at losing money, we tend to stick with the status quo.

How do Sunk Costs contribute to status quo bias?

Sunk costs contribute to status quo bias because the more that an individual invests in the status quo, the more likely he or she is to continue to invest in the status quo. When individuals are faced with inconsistent thoughts, they experience cognitive dissonance; an uncomfortable feeling that most people wish to minimize.

What are the 4 types of bias in decision making?

Mood bias, optimism (or pessimism) bias, and overconfidence bias all add a note of irrationality and emotion to the decision-making process. The endowment effect causes people to over-value the things they own just because they own them. Status quo bias is resistance to change.

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