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What is the status quo ante bellumis?

The status quo ante bellumis, in game-theoretic terms, a salient point that provides a natural focus for a coalition, particularly for third countries with no direct stake. An interest in preserving international order provides third countries with a motive not to recognise gains secured by others through military force.

What is the legal definition of status quo ante?

Legal Definition of status quo ante : the state of affairs that existed previously restore the status quo ante History and Etymology for status quo ante Latin, state in which previously

What is the antebellum period in American history?

The term has been generalized to form the phrases status quo and status quo ante. Outside this context, the term antebellum is, in the United States, usually associated with the period before the American Civil War, while in Europe and elsewhere with the period before World War I .

Are Republicans and Democrats reverting to the status quo ante?

Now, Republicans and Democrats are essentially reverting to the status quo ante. — John Bolton, WSJ, 27 July 2021 Even as schools return to in-person teaching, there may be those who see the experience of the last 16 months as a blip, an aberration before a return to the status quo ante.

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