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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a status offense in Texas?

Status Offenders A status offense is a noncriminal act that is considered a law violation only because of a youth’s status as a minor.1 Typical status offenses include truancy, running away from home, violating curfew, underage use of alcohol, and general ungovernability. Scope of the Problem

What types of offenses can affect a Florida felony sentence?

To see how these offenses could affect a sentence, take a look at our Florida Felony Sentencing Calculator . Counterfeit or altered state lottery ticket. Discretionary sales surtax; limitations, administration, and collection.

What is a computer offense in Florida?

Computer offense devised to defraud or obtain property. Engages in scheme to defraud (Florida Communications Fraud Act), property valued at less than $20,000. Burning to defraud insurer. Unlawful solicitation of persons involved in motor vehicle accidents. Filing a false motor vehicle insurance application.

What does it mean to remain in state as a sexual offender?

Sexual offender; remains in state after indicating intent to leave; failure to comply with reporting requirements. Sexual offender; failure to comply with reporting requirements. Failure to report or providing false information about a sexual offender; harbor or conceal a sexual offender.

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