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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Check my IRS return status?

The best way to check your return’s status is to use the Where’s My Refund tool on the IRS website. Don’t call the IRS unless Where’s My Refund tells you to. Calling the IRS unnecessarily will just bog them down and make things slower for everyone, including you.

What is 1040 tax refund?

Form 1040 is the standard Internal Revenue Service (IRS) form that taxpayers use to file their annual income tax returns. The form contains sections that require taxpayers to disclose their taxable income for the year in order to ascertain whether additional taxes are owed or whether the filer is due a tax refund.

How do I track my IRS tax refund?

To check on the status of your Federal refund, visit track your refund online. You will need to provide your Social Security or ITIN Number, filing status, and the amount of your refund (all of this is on your copy of your tax return).

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