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Frequently Asked Questions

What is status migrainosus?

Status migrainosus, or intractable migraine, is a persistent, debilitating migraine without aura that significantly affects a person’s ability to function. Even when affected individuals take steps to control triggers and make deliberate lifestyle changes, it still has a major impact on their quality of life.

How is status migrainosus and intractable migraine treated?

Summary: Treatment of status migrainosus and intractable migraine should focus on adequate fluid hydration and combination IV therapy with multiple nonopioid medications from multiple drug classes. Dopamine receptor antagonists appear to have some of the highest medical evidence for efficacy.

What is the pathomechanism of status migrainosus?

Introduction: Migraine is a disabling primary headache disorder with unknown exact pathomechanism. Status migrainosus (SM) is a complication of migraine (with or without aura), representing an attack that lasts for more than 72 h. There is a paucity of data published with regard to its pathomechanism and therapeutic options.

How long do migraines last?

A regular migraine attack usually lasts between 4 and 72 hours. Treatments like triptan drugs and pain relievers can often relieve migraine pain and other symptoms. Status migraine symptoms last for longer than 72 hours, even with treatment.

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