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Frequently Asked Questions

What is status migrainosus headache?

Status migrainosus is an especially severe and long-lasting form of migraine headache. It’s also called an intractable migraine. Status migrainosus headaches affect less than 1 percent of people with migraines. However, they’re intense and they stick around for longer than 72 hours.

What is the pathomechanism of status migrainosus?

Introduction: Migraine is a disabling primary headache disorder with unknown exact pathomechanism. Status migrainosus (SM) is a complication of migraine (with or without aura), representing an attack that lasts for more than 72 h. There is a paucity of data published with regard to its pathomechanism and therapeutic options.

What is a migrainosus infarction?

A migrainosus infarction is a type of stroke that is actually caused by a migraine. This is a rare migraine complication, and it can be easily confused with a migraine aura, which makes the experience even more distressing and confusing.

Are corticosteroids effective in the treatment of status migrainosus?

Background: Corticosteroids are often used as abortive therapy of acute migraines and have been reported in anecdotal studies for status migrainosus. Most reports show that treatment was obtained in Emergency Rooms or as inpatients.

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