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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of status?

(steɪtəs ) 1. uncountable noun. Your status is your social or professional position. The fact that the burial involved an expensive coffin signifies that the person was of high status. ...women and men of wealth and status.

How do you use the word status in a sentence?

Use status in a sentence. noun. The definition of status is a person's standing, position or state. Middle class is an example of a person's financial status.

What does it mean when a message is in sent status?

(Displayed in Messaging Insights) This indicates that a message has remained in the sent status for longer than 1 hour without receiving a further status update. This status is only shown in Messaging Insights; SMS records will remain in the sent status in the Message Log or /Messages API.

What is the difference between social status and status simple?

The term ‘status’ simple indicates the position a person occupies in a group. Whereas social status is the amount of honour and prestige a person receives from members of the community and from the larger society in a stratification system.

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