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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You translate Persian idioms and sayings into English?

Translating idioms and sayings into other languages is always an exercise in humor- often, you've repeated them so many times without thinking about what is literally being said. We decided to make a list of the 11 funniest Persian sayings and translate them literally into English, along with a photo accompaniment of their literal meanings.

What does it mean to have your back in Persian?

You can say it to a lover, friend, or family member, but only to people you have strong feelings toward. It's a way of expressing some intense love. Although literally meaning I have your weather or air, this statement is the Persian equivalent of the English 'I have your back.'

What are some Persian phrases which are unseemly in translation?

Let me introduce you to thirteen commonly used Persian phrases which are unseemly in translation. 1) Ghorboonet beram = I will die/destroy myself for you. Used in a sentence: “Merci, ghorboonet beram!” = “Thank you, I’ll die for you!”

What is the meaning of the Persian phrase 'sacrifice for You'?

Although this is an extreme saying, it is used quite frequently in the Persian language. It literally means 'I would like to be sacrificed for you', but is used simply as a term of affection.

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