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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is status epilepticus a medical emergency?

Status epilepticus is a neurological emergency requiring immediate evaluation and management to prevent significant morbidity or mortality. Previously, status epilepticus was defined as a seizure with a duration equal to or greater than 30 minutes or a series of seizures in which the patient does not regain normal mental status between seizures.

What is status epilepticus definition?

Status epilepticus is defined as a seizure with 5 minutes or more of continuous clinical and/or electrographic seizure activity or recurrent seizure activity without recovery between seizures. The findings of convulsive status epilepticus include generalized tonic-clonic movements of the extremities and impaired mental status.

Does status epilepticus cause brain damage?

Status epilepticus is a medical emergency. It can cause death due to physical injury, choking, or as a result of the seizure itself. The episode may cause lasting brain damage, which can result in worsening seizures, increased predisposition to status epilepticus, and cognitive decline.

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