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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes epilepsy in cats?

Various illnesses, including brain tumors, viruses, low blood sugar, and parasites can also be at fault for causing a cat to have a seizure. Some cats can also have epilepsy which means there is no known underlying cause to the seizures. The success of the treatment is usually dependent on the cause of the seizure.

Why and how cats have seizures?

5 Causes Of Seizures In Cats Poisoning and toxic ingestion can lead to staggering and seizures. ... Encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) can also occur in cats. Like any inflammation, it can be infectious, parasitic or auto-immune. ... Developmental disorders are defined as conditions that occur during an animal's formation and growth. ... Injuries to the head can cause seizures also. ... More items...

Do cats have epilepsy?

Most seizures in cats are the result of previous damage to the brain, from which the cat has recovered and often has no other symptoms. Some seizures seem to occur spontaneously with no discernible cause. These are both forms of epilepsy.

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