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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose status flagship ANC headphones?

The Status Flagship ANC headphones fill the gap. With an elegant no-logo design, pro-grade active noise cancellation and wishlist of convenient features, they're everything you ever wanted in a set of headphones, and then some. How does Status Audio hold up to the competition?

How good is the sound quality of the ANC?

There is a bit of spatial qualities here there but not much. Testing the ANC functionality, it allowed about 10% of the fan noise from my Audio Precision in. Best in class ANCs are dead quiet. It is good enough though.

How much noise do the ANC headphones cancel?

The flagship ANC headphones cancel a staggering amount of ambient noise, up to 40 decibels. The highest-quality materials plus our characteristic minimalist design. They feel just as good as they look.

How to connect ANC headphones to any device?

This means that your headphones are ready to connect to your device. Now go to the Bluetooth menu on your device, and select “Flagship ANC Headphones.” It will take a while to connect. If you don’t see LED lights, then power off them and again turn the power on; hold the small button for a full 5 seconds.

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