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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I file a statement of information for a CA?

The Statement of Information must be filed by companies from other states (foreign) that register to do business in California as well as California companies (domestic). Companies are required to file the Statement of Information regardless of if they've actively conducted business or not.

What is the statement of information?

A Statement of Information is filed to divulge your company’s activities over the prior year. This information is often most important to shareholders or other parties that have an interest in your company.

When is a California statement of information due?

In California, the annual filing (Statement of Information) is not due on a specific date. Rather, it must be filed every two-years during a six-month”filing window”, which is based on the month the LLC was formed. If the LLC was formed in an even year, the form is due every even year.

When is California corporate Statement of information due?

Due Date: Every registered Domestic and Foreign Publicly Traded Corporation must file with the California Secretary of State a Corporate Disclosure Statement (Form SI‑PT) annually, within 150 days after the end of its fiscal year. This form may be submitted using eForms Online.

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