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Frequently Asked Questions

How to file your statement of information?

How to File a Statement of Information: California Statement of Information form. LLCs need to file either a Statement of Information (Limited Liability Company) ( Form LLC-12) if changes have occurred since the time of the last filing, ... E-file Statement of Information (corporations). ... Filing of Statement of Information (LLCs). ...

What is a statement of information form?

An information statement form is a document which contains information of various details of an individual like his personal details, family details, business details or details about his assets and liabilities. This form is a legal document used for the verification of an individual.

What is a statement of information filing?

The Statement of Information is a report you must file with the applicable state where your legal entity has been formed or registered to maintain the company's contact information up to date with the Secretary of State.

What is SOS statement of information?

A Statement of Information is submitted after the initial or required filing requirements have been met to update information including changes to the agent for service of process. File online at .

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