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Frequently Asked Questions

Is IRS interest taxable?

Any interest that you receive or that is credited into your account and can be withdrawn is termed as taxable interest. This interest is treated as taxable income and you have to report it on your tax return. Interests you receive from bank accounts, loans you make out to other, or interest from any other source is considered to be taxable interest.

How do you calculate IRS taxes?

To calculate income taxes, a person should consider his income minus any relevant deductions, then multiply the result by the tax rate or use IRS tax tables. Income can include salary, earnings from dividends and investments, royalties, gambling earnings and lottery winnings.

What does federal tax refund mean?

A refund is a payment from the state or federal government taxing authority to reimburse an individual for overpaid taxes. Businesses and merchants also issue refunds to customers in exchange for the return of purchased goods and when services are unsatisfactory or unfulfilled.

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