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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do judgements last in New Jersey?

A docketed judgment becomes a lien against all real property owned by the debtor in New Jersey. Docketed judgments in New Jersey remain in effect for 20 years and may be renewed for an additional 20 years by filing a motion in the Superior Court.

How can you collect on a judgment in NJ?

A collections lawyer in New Jersey can take numerous steps to enforce your judgment. Some of the available collection tools we can assist you with include: Wage garnishments. A wage garnishment allows a creditor to receive a percentage of the judgment-debtor’s paycheck until the court-awarded amount is paid in full.

Is New Jersey a deficiency judgment state?

Some states, including New Jersey, allow the foreclosing bank to get a deficiency judgment, which is a personal judgment against the borrower for the amount of the deficiency balance.

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