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Frequently Asked Questions

Is New Jersey a right to work state?

New Jersey Right to Work Laws. State laws commonly referred to as " right-to-work " laws require labor unions to allow the hiring of non-union workers, even though non-union workers are still entitled to the compensation and terms negotiated by the union. While an increasing number of states have passed these laws,...

Is labor taxable in the state of NJ?

In the state of New Jersey, the laws regarding tax on shipping and handling costs are relatively simple. Essentially, if the item being shipped is taxable, then the shipping charge is considered to be taxable as well. Any items being shipped that are not taxable, are not required to have their shipping charges taxed.

What jobs are in New Jersey?

However, there are a lot of other positions you can take too. New Jersey is well suited for a variety of jobs including fishing, whaling, shipbuilders, blacksmiths, lumberjacks, cobblers, carpenters, merchants, and so much more!

What are employment opportunities?

Employment Opportunities. Employment opportunities refer to job openings; an employment opportunity presents an unemployed person with the opportunity to secure a job. Employment opportunities are a broad concept—they are present in every industry or sector and are awarded to candidates with various skill sets and experience levels.

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