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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should medical records be retained in Illinois?

Illinois law requires hospitals to maintain patient medical records for 10 years. But there is no similar law for physicians, forcing them to look to other laws, guidelines and regulations to determine the appropriate time period for physicians to retain patient medical records.

How to get a felony off your record in Illinois?

You will need:A set of your fingerprints from a local police department,A photocopy of your ID,A $16 money order made out to the Department of Revenue,A self-addressed stamped envelope (the RAP sheet will be sent directly to you), andMore items...

How do I get an expunged record in Illinois?

Usually, it goes like this:Get your entire criminal historyDownload all the forms you need to ask the court to clear your recordFill out your forms and find supporting paperworkFile your packet in the right court and pay the appropriate feesWait for your expungement petition to make its way to the judge

What are state record retention requirements?

There are four types of legal requirements for records retention, which are generally encountered:Specific Requirement Stated. Many federal and state requirements will indicate a specific retention period for records. ...Limitations of Action. ...No Retention Period Stated. ...No Records Maintenance or Retention Requirements Found After Research. ...

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