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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you capitalize state?

State is generally not capitalized when it is used in place of the state name, as in "This is a new state program" or "He is a state employee.". States is capitalized when it refers to the United States.

When should I capitalize the word state?

Generally, we capitalize the word state only when it appears after a state's name, as in "We will travel to Washington State this summer.". (But make sure that your reader won't confuse your intentions with a visit to the university known as Washington State.

When should the word state be capitalized?

There are no special rules for capitalizing the word "state" in ordinary, non-technical English. It should be capitalized when at the start of a sentence, or when it is part of a proper noun.

Do you capitalize state and federal in a sentence?

Capitalization ● Do not capitalize federal, state, department, division, board, program, section, unit, etc., unless the word is part of a formal name. Capitalize common nouns such as party, river and street when they are part of a proper name.

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