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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Nebraska State Employees Credit Union?

The same people-first philosophy causes credit unions and our employees to get involved in community charitable activities and worthwhile causes – just ask us. Nebraska State Employees Credit Union provides a convenient and inexpensive source of credit for worthwhile and meaningful purposes.

When do share rates change State Farm Credit Union?

[1] Share rates are subject to change monthly (such change to be effective on the first day of each month) to reflect any changes as declared by the Board of Directors of the State Farm Credit Union during the month preceding any such change. [2] Payment per $1000 calculated on maximum term available.

What does it mean to be a state farm member?

Your exclusive benefit supported by State Farm® since 1936…offering competitive rates and friendly, professional service. U.S. State Farm® employees, agents, retirees and certain members of their immediate families are eligible for membership. Once you become a member, it’s easy to connect with us virtually.

What is farmfarm credit?

Farm Credit supports rural communities and agriculture with reliable, consistent credit and financial services, today and tomorrow.

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