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Frequently Asked Questions

Does state Farm offer travel insurance?

Yes. State Farm offers insurance for RVs, including motorhomes, travel trailers, and more. Contact a State Farm agent for more information or visit their website . Does State Farm offer full-time RV insurance?

What is State Farm auto comprehensive coverage?

At State Farm, comprehensive insurance can be purchased as part of a full-coverage plan for an additional premium, and will usually require a separate, additional deductible. As long as the damage was not caused by a vehicle collision or a rollover, State Farm's comprehensive coverage will pay restitution vehicle repair or replacement.

How much is State Farm car insurance?

How Much Does State Farm Car Insurance Cost? According to The Zebra, the average State Farm insurance policy costs $108 per month. However, you might get a different quote based on your age, gender, and the state where you live.

Does state Farm Insurance cover rental cars?

State Farm does not include rental reimbursement in its standard auto insurance policies, but it can be purchased for an additional cost. Under most circumstances, you can only add rental reimbursement coverage to your State Farm policy if you also have collision coverage or comprehensive coverage or both in place.

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