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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does State Farm car insurance cost?

How Much is State Farm Car Insurance: Cost & Rates As you'll be able to see on our average car insurance cost per month research, State Farm full coverage cost is $104 per month or $1,250 per year on average.

Does my car insurance cover rental from State Farm?

Chances are, if you already have State Farm car insurance with collision and comprehensive coverage, it'll carry over to your rental car. But what's covered and how much depends on your specific policy and several other factors.

What does State Farm car insurance cover?

State Farm offers collision coverage, which helps to pay for repairs to a damaged vehicle caused by a collision with another car or vehicle, a vehicle rollover, or collision with another object. Comprehensive coverage helps to pay for damage or loss of a car that is caused by wind, fire, flood, hail, theft, vandalism, or by hitting an animal.

Does state Farm cover rental cars?

State Farm, for example, is one insurer that will extend coverage to a policyholder’s rental vehicle. However, some companies’ policies have rental car exclusions entirely and will provide coverage only with higher deductibles or lower liability limits.

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