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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the California State Bar do?

Working as an administrative arm of the California Supreme Court, the State Bar oversees all activities required for admitting attorneys to the practice of law in the nation's most populous state. California offers more pathways to licensure than any other state.

What is the California State Bar hearing department?

The Hearing Department is the trial level of the State Bar Court. Five full-time judicial positions are split between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Supreme Court appoints two of the hearing judges, while the Governor, the Speaker of the Assembly and the Senate Committee on Rules appoints one hearing judge each.

What are the powers of the California State Bar Court?

Exercise temporary suspension and other powers delegated to the State Bar Court by the Supreme Court according to rule 9.10, California Rules of Court. Conduct discretionary interlocutory review on issues materially affecting the outcome of Hearing Department cases.

How does the State Bar of California investigate complaints of misconduct?

The State Bar of California investigates complaints of attorney misconduct. If the State Bar determines that an attorney's actions involve probable misconduct, formal charges are filed with the State Bar Court by the bar's prosecutors (Office of Chief Trial Counsel).

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