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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for an attorney in California State Bar?

When you are on the main page of the State Bar of California website, the attorney search option will be on the Home page. If you are looking for a specialty attorney, you can simply click the search icon without typing in the attorney name or bar number. From here, you will notice the Advanced Search feature.

What are the requirements to become an attorney in California?

Applicants are eligible to practice law in California after taking the Attorney’s Oath and submitting their oath card to the State Bar. The State Bar continues to encourage digital signing and electronic processing of oath cards.

How do I access public records of discipline for attorneys in California?

You can find an attorney’s disciplinary record through the Disciplinary Record Search. All filed or closed cases have been made available online as of February 2019. All open cases are being digitally filed on the California State Bar website as they occur.

How can I access the dockets for State Bar Court cases?

First, check the online Attorney Search for available records. Dockets for State Bar Court cases are available online. A docket is a summary, list or index of the proceedings or events in a case. It may also include court documents. To search for a docket, you will need the case number or attorney name.

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