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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the California State Bar do?

Working as an administrative arm of the California Supreme Court, the State Bar oversees all activities required for admitting attorneys to the practice of law in the nation's most populous state. California offers more pathways to licensure than any other state.

What is the California Bar Legal Specialization Program?

California Rule of Court 9.35 served as the basis for the creation of the State Bar Legal Specialization program. The program was intended to provide a method for attorneys to earn the designation of certified specialist in particular areas of law, increasing public protection and encouraging attorney competence.

How do I contact the California bar office of admissions?

For questions, contact the State Bar Office of Admissions at 415-538-2300 or email [email protected] . For information on the eligibility rules for Pro Hac Vice, or what you should include in the applications, see Rule 9.40 of the California Rules of Court.

What are the new rules of Professional Conduct for California Lawyers?

The State Bar implements nearly 70 new Rules of Professional Conduct. California Lawyers Association is now the voluntary bar association and includes the former SBC Sections and CYLA. Unauthorized Practice of Law Cease and Desist Notices. California Supreme Court Appoints New Chair, Vice-Chair of the State Bar.

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