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Frequently Asked Questions

What district is Stapleton in?

Stapleton is part of Staten Island Community District 1 and its ZIP Codes are 10304 and 10301. Stapleton is patrolled by the 120th Precinct of the New York City Police Department .

Where is the post office in Stapleton?

Stapleton is located within the ZIP Code 10304 south of Clinton Street and 10301 north of Clinton Street. The United States Postal Service operates the Stapleton Station post office at 160 Tompkins Avenue.

What is Stapleton like to live in?

"Stapleton is actually a fairly large area with multiple housing communities and shopping center, both upscale and run down depending on precisely wherein you are. It has a population density quite higher than a suburban neighborhood but low enough that crime isn't really noticeable (having lived in very high crime areas).

What does Stapleton mean?

/ 40.627; -74.078 Stapleton is a neighborhood in northeastern Staten Island in New York City in the United States.

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