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Frequently Asked Questions

What are people saying about restaurants near Stapleton?

What are people saying about restaurants near Stapleton, Denver, CO? "Four Friends has cute decor, easy parking, and a unique menu. The service was friendly and I enjoyed being able to sit and admire the thoughtful design and furnishings.

What is Stapleton like to live in?

"Stapleton is actually a fairly large area with multiple housing communities and shopping center, both upscale and run down depending on precisely wherein you are. It has a population density quite higher than a suburban neighborhood but low enough that crime isn't really noticeable (having lived in very high crime areas).

What is there to do in Northfield/Stapleton?

Among boutique shops and open-air promenades, the Northfield/Stapleton area features a number of wine bars, beer gardens and upscale casual dining options with an emphasis on Rocky Mountain brewpub fare.

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