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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you graph an equation in standard form?

The standard form of a linear equation puts the x and y terms on the left hand side of the equation, and makes the coefficient of the x-term positive. While standard form is commonly, we sometimes rewrite a line in slope-intercept form in order to graph it. The standard form of a linear equation looks like ax+by=c.

How do you convert an equation into standard form?

If you have something similar to and you want to convert it to standard form then choose "slope-intercept_to_standard". Input the equation in standard form x+ y=. or. Enter your equation in slope-intercept form ( form) y=x +. note: make sure you choose the correct form from the drop box above.

How do you solve standard form equations?

Standard form is another way to write slope-intercept form (as opposed to y=mx+b). It is written as Ax+By=C. You can also change slope-intercept form to standard form like this: Y=-3/2x+3. Next, you isolate the y-intercept(in this case it is 3) like this: Add 3/2x to each side of the equation to get this: 3/2x+y=3.

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