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Frequently Asked Questions

What is spinwheel of names?

Let the Magic Begin! is here to to digitalize a random decision-making system with the help of Spinning wheel. It's all in one wheel. You can use it as a "wheel of names" to pick the "leader" or "host" etc. OR you can use it to decide questions with multi option OR to play Truth and Dare or as a Yes-No- Wheel .

What is the best wheel spinner online?

One of the best and easy-to-use wheel spinners online that also works as a random name picker! What is the Wheel Generator? This free wheel spinner allows you to create a wheel that includes names, words, or even elements like emojis that you can just copy-paste into the ‘Entries’ box.

How do you spin the wheel on a name generator?

Write down your names. Remember that each name has to be in the new line, meaning when writing one name, press ‘enter’ and then write the next one.* In order to spin the wheel press the ‘Spin’ button or the white circle in the middle of the generator. Then the ‘winner’ is announced!

How do I use wheelrandom?

- At the office, use our wheel to determine who speaks first in your daily standup or management huddle meeting. - Enter your to-do list to WheelRandom and spin it to see which task you should start with if you're feeling overwhelmed. - Put dinner options on the wheel and spin if you can't decide what to cook.

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