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Frequently Asked Questions

What are prepositions in Spanish?

Prepositions are really important and often have many uses in the language. One of the common uses when learning Spanish is to use prepositions of place to say where classroom objects are located as in “ El escritorio está frente a la pizarra” (the desk is in front of the board).

What is a preposition in a sentence?

Prepositions commonly show a spatial (relating to place) relationship but can also indicate time relationships, too. A Preposition generally goes before nouns or pronouns in sentences. It shows where an item is or when an event occurred, often in relation to another item or event (“I’m on top of the world!”).

What are the best worksheets for prepositions?

Quizlet flashcards : Flashcards are a quick, uncomplicated tool that allows learners to squeeze practice time into busy schedules! These Quizlet flashcards are sure to help get all your prepositions in order. Downloadable worksheet : This worksheet on prepositions from Instant Worksheets covers all the basics.

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